How Pogba would fit into the FC Barcelona team #TopElevenTactics

With all the rumours of Pogba’s move to Barcelona, the tacticians in the Top Eleven lab have decided to investigate how such a dominant player would fit into a treble-winning team of ready-made stars.

The formation we have gone for is the same set-up used by Barca for much of last season. The treble-winning season saw Barcelona change from a patient passing style to a more direct approach. Slotting into midfield, Pogba, a midfielder who loves to break forward, will fit into this line-up perfectly.

Barcelona Pogba - Formation

In this position, Pogba will improve a midfield that lacks a certain goal threat. Barcelona’s midfielders scored only 15 goals last season compared to Real Madrid’s 27 and Atletico’s 28. Luis Enrique is aware that he can not rely on his front three to remain fit all at the same time the whole season.

With 10 goals last season, Pogba can provide goals to a Barca midfield that needs to get on the scoresheet more often.

With Messi and Suarez creating chances and space in front of him, the Frenchman is guaranteed even more goals in this Barca side.

Pogba will also provide a physical presence which will give the Barca midfield an added defensive dimension. Anyone who watched the Juventus midfielder at last year’s World Cup will know what a dominant physical presence he was for the French side. Against a Honduras side with a physical and nasty reputation, Pogba stood out like a giant, casually brushing aside the opposition’s attempted tackles and fouls.

Busquets is Barca’s unsung hero sitting in front of the Barca defence. But without him, or the few times he misses a tackle, Iniesta and Rakitic cannot be relied on to intervene. Pogba has more pace, strength and height than both these players and will give Busquets a partner in crime to help shore up any potential counter-attacks.

Barcelona Pogba - Tactics

Most importantly, Pogba is young for a central midfielder and he can still improve.

Learning from the likes of Busquets, Rakitic and Iniesta he could become the best all-round midfielder in the world.

With a passing accuracy of 84% last season (6% less than Iniesta), Barca’s pass masters can mentor Pogba’s short ball distribution and can add more assists to his game. Once this happens, Barca could have the new best player in the world.

Do you agree with our set-up? Comment below to let us know how you think Pogba could fit into the Barcelona team. Tweet your formation to #TopElevenTactics. The best submissions will be retweeted. Good luck!



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  2. James Brown

    Play me now! Let me try my new formation 😉

    • Yes, because the Indie Dev crowd doesn’t have their own group of arrogant condescending fuckasses. We should all look to Phil Fish as a role model and tell people to suck our dicks and choke on them when we win an aw;#&.dr8230aI was mainly talking about indie devs. How we judge and treat each other. (Which does not mean being nice to bigots and bullies.)

  3. Kupar Hadem

    Yes.. Pogba will definitely fits in Barca formation because of his 3D. Strength, Agility and Intiligent. Pogba is the best young midfielder in the world right now.


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