Top Eleven’s Social Media Yearly Review – 2015

Hello YOU fantastic Top Eleven Managers! A lot of things happened on our Social Media channels in 2015 and we want to remind you of the great things you helped Top Eleven achieve. Check our yearly review and relive the greatest moments we shared with our community.


2015 saw the arrival of Top Eleven 2015, which brought a whole new look and experience to our Top Eleven Managers.


We launched Top Eleven Instagram, inviting our community all over the world to join us!

In a Top Scorers competition we had one Manager who scored 114 goals in three days. WOW!

And Top Eleven featured during Premier League games on television screens around the world!


One of our dedicated Managers suited up for his Champions League final and sent us this video!


April 1st saw the arrival of the feature ‘Scream for your Team!’ Did you fall for our April fools’ Day joke?

We also launched a new stats series on what tactics Managers prefer for their Top Eleven club:


On the 9th of May 2015, Top Eleven turned 5! To celebrate we made a special video featuring some of our Managers from all over the world.

We also gave away booster prizes and an exclusive jersey and emblem for your Top Eleven club! These jerseys were unlocked after you, our amazing community, smashed the challenge we set you. Once again, you didn’t fail to impress us!


We met up with Inter’s assistant Manager, Dejan Stankovic, to discuss the Champions League final, tactics, formations and tips for our Top Eleven Managers.

Ajax joined the Top Eleven family!

And of course, we launched the Top Eleven blog and our most popular article series, Top Eleven Tactics.


July saw probably our funniest Social Media competition of the year!

We also met up with Chelsea footballer Nemanja Matic and invited YOU to ask him your questions on Twitter.


We launched one of the biggest Top Eleven feature updates of all time! Live Animated Match!

In case you missed it, or want to watch the official Live Animate Match video again because you are nostalgic, here it is:


As if that wasn’t enough, we became jersey sponsors of English club Biggleswade United!


We launched another brand new feature and introduced an Assistant Manager. Gone are those lonely days on the sidelines.

And, footballers heard about our partnership with Biggleswade United and started showing their support. For example, GIGI BUFFON!


The amazing Top Eleven community helped unlock the Biggleswade United jerseys for free. Since then, the Biggleswade United support has been amazing!


We analysed Top Eleven’s Manager tactics by region.

And with another Top Eleven update, Managers could SUPPORT all of their friends.


Top Eleven turned 2,000 days old!


Thanks to a more recent update, Managers can thank their friends for their support!

Now that we have shown you some of our greatest Top Eleven moments of 2015, we want you to share yours! Leave a comment on our latest Facebook post or tweet to #TopEleven with what your greatest Top Eleven achievements were.

Happy NY FB

We hope you have a happy New Year to all our Top Eleven Community!




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